This blog is a work in progress

This blog is a work in progress - and I am looking for the right network of contributors to help make it successful. Read below to find ways you can help make this a more interesting place to kill some time… no wait… shoot the breeze… hmm… I just can’t think of a peaceful way to say it.

1st - "I love to read I love to write" is a program I need help creating. It will be a posting forum for those who write, and a quick pit stop for those who enjoy reading. All will be encouraged to interact by sharing objective opinions, critiques or kudos who those who have shared their work. For now, it will be an open forum for those whose interest are peaked – so we can do this the way we want to do it.

2nd - "This or That" is an experiment in progress. The first edition will be a comparison of grocery stores to help provide insight on whether its better to shop around for value or quality, neither or both. If it is not up now, it will be soon. Other posts will compare processed & natural foods, whether its better to feed your dog in the morning or at night, walking v. running, wax or thread… etc… etc. The fun part is the results will all come from mini experiments and comparisons conducted by yours truly, or trusted allies.

3rd – “Do More With Less” is a frugal living section with posts about how to get the biggest bang for your buck, live a healthy lifestyle, be a responsible eco-friendly human, and what not. The goal is to find ways enrich your lifestyle without going broke or doing damage to yourself or the environment. Though I adore il2ril2w and this-or-that will certainly be a blast – I think this section will have the biggest impact on the most people.

4th – “Art Smart and the Sound of Music” is all about art, music, literature… all things creative. Have you recently read the next best thriller? Were you at Cannes? What about that band you saw that day at that place? Let us know – we want to enjoy too!

So, enjoy it, and have fun. It is all for you. And me. And him. And her. And the planet. And... well... just go enjoy it already!

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